27,Police Line Road, Jalandhar,Punjab,India



It’s not just about a workout or a diet plan that you follow religiously. It’s about giving your body and mind a strong constant incentive to take up challenges. To motivate yourself and achieve results that you can feel in your blood! It’s about knowing your body’s strengths, and having the courage to pump beyond your limitations. Fitness is happy exercise, not forced exhaustion! It’s for the reason that ZEST Fitness Club utilises leading edge fitness technology that actually shows your quick results, without wasting your time.

Ambience does matter !

ZEST uniqueness begins with its location itself! Our setup is neatly divided into two sections. Gymnasium where guest sweat it out on the world’s best fitness routine and Spa Centre where our members both Male & Female can facilitate themselves at same tym with the services of Sauna, Steam and World Class Jacuzzi.

A perfect setting for health, enthusiasts looking for a gym with a difference! Hop in and being shaping up!